Steps to getting your novel published in 2021

get your novel published

Writing is such an interesting field. Some may decide to take writing as a profession or just as a hobby the same way one enjoys playing real money casinos. This is not that important, what’s more, important is how you then get your work out there.

Here we talking about publishing. There are two options to choose from. It’s either you go for self-publishing or you approach a publishing company.


There are steps that you are supposed to follow when you have chosen to publish on your own. Soon after writing the next step is publishing your work. Usually, writers end up choosing this ay of publishing so that they can escape or avoid being disappointed when publishing companies reject their work.

This may prove to be difficult as you start because you will be doing everything on your own. Starting from scratch seeing that you are not under any known brand or publishing house and you have to market and promote your work since you do not have professionals doing it for you.

Technology however has made this easy now what you only need to o is posting your work online making use of the different novel site that are available online.

For you to increase your knowledge when it comes to publishing, you should always look for feedback from the readers you find online. Also, you have to attend different novel-writing and publishing conferences.

Publishing company

It is best to approach a publishing company especially if you are a new writer. The benefits of getting your work published by professionals are that they will p[olish up your work so that it looks professional

A genre of your work

When you do this you have to be sure of the section or genre under which your work falls. knowing about this will also help you with knowing which publishing company you should approach.


The first thing you need to do is to look for the company you want. soon after that you then prepare to send your work to them.

You should do this with the help of a publishing agent. These are professionals who will help you determine where you should go with your work as well as the way you should present it.


Writers often lose their rights when they approach these publishing company who will then claim the work as theirs. With the help of a publishing agent, you are sure that the person will help you reserve your rights as the writer.

In conclusion, these are the easy steps that you can take towards becoming a well-known writer as you publish your work. You need to take your time before you decide to publish your work.