Why Women Read Romance Novels

romance novels
romance novels

Reading novels is one of the things most women do. women turn to this hobby of reading novels because they are bored but that is just the surface reason why they read novels.

Love connection

In most cases, it is the older women who read novels for this reason. They grow old in their marriages and no longer feel the love connection with their spouses.

Through romantic novel reading, they can feel the connection with the male character in the novel, and they feel content with that.

Also, women crave a lasting bond with the next human being. through the novel, they can get the satisfaction of having strong ties with the author.

way of escaping reality

In reality, most women feel they are not being treated the way they expect to be treated by men in relationships. when they turn to novels they can feel much appreciated through the way they are treated in the story.

fulfilling fantasies

Just like men women also have their fantasies. However, it is so sad that those are not fulfilled in reality. romantic novels have ways of fulfilling their fantasies through the way writers write about women and their feelings.


Women love drama and romantic novels’ have that. The curiosity of wanting to know what will happen net when something happens to draw them more into reading them.

In most cases, drama leads to a happy ending. Every girl loves a happy ending and a romantic novel is the best solution for that.

love exists

the only people who seem not to ever give up on love are women. it’s a fact that women never ignore the existence of love and the need to be loved.

after all, love conquers all and it is the core of our existence. however, it’s so disheartening that most women end up getting hurt

female hormones

It’s no secret that the hormones of women are so sensitive. In reality, they do not get the chance to show them for various reasons and different life experiences.

they make use of romantic novels to trigger these hormones. romantic novels work s something that can turn them on and some get to learn of the most sensitive parts of their bodies through them.

overcoming challenges through love

The most powerful feeling in the world is love and with love one can have the determination to do anything for those they love is portrayed in most romantic novels that women read.

female characters in the novels overcome challenges as they fight for love. we talk of what those characters have to endure for a happy ending.

women read novels for different reasons though it’s not all of them.